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The experienced staff offer a full after sales service and even suggest the best products to treat your worktops and tiles. Janet said: “We offer a care-kit which comes in a discreet plastic box and has all you need to keep your surfaces protected for years. Plus, it’s small enough to keep tucked away in a cupboard.”
Under floor heating is comfortable, well hidden, hard wearing and hygienic perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories. The House of Granite and Marble offer both the MiniMat which is thin and ready to use and HeatSafe which uses intelligent heating cables with little risk of burnout or overheating.
Furnishing or decorating a home can leave the best of us feeling overwhelmed but The House of Granite and Marble offers a dedicated and friendly team and a choice of quality materials, arranged in a way that you could easily imagine in your home. 

The Black Galaxy granite from India has flecks of gold compressed within the black natural stone making it appear 3D. The Kashmir granite has hints of blue and grey reminiscent of the Taj Mahal. With pieces coming from as far as China and Brazil, there is no shortage of choice. Plus, the chance of having the same kitchen as your neighbour is impossible. As the stone is natural each slab will be different giving you a truly exclusive home.
Owner Janet Hall said: “We can cut the slabs of granite to any size which is perfect for a project that might have a complex shape.”



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House of Granite & Marble Ltd Launch New Site!

Fri 11/04/2008

April 2008 sees the launch of the new House of Granite & Marble Ltd website!